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Picnic at a Park

Can you believe fall is less than 3 weeks away? We’re doing as many summer activities as we can before summer ends. It includes visiting a beach, brunching outdoor and having picnic at a park. Family picnic at a park is my favorite summer activity. We had our first family picnic at the beginning of summer. Check out my post here.

Jayce loves the outdoors. He gets so happy when he knows we’re getting ready to go out. He’ll hang out around his stroller to make sure he doesn’t get left behind. It’s so cute and funny. We’re lucky to live by beaches and parks. Lake Boren park in Newcastle is one of our favorite parks. The park has a playground area which Jayce loves. He isn’t old enough to play with most  of the stuff there but he loves sitting on the spring ride and watch the older kids play.

We love packing up our favorite snacks to enjoy an evening out at the park. We usually start with a stroll around the park then off to the playground. Then we’ll find a spot on the grass or one of the picnic benches to take a snack break. What’s great about picnics is that they’re so easy to plan. There’re so many different picnic food you can bring but we like keeping it light with fresh fruits, cheese, crackers, nuts and drinks.

Since we’ve been picnicking so much this year I've been making a list of picnic accessories I’d love to have to complete my picnic scene.  Here’re the items on my list:

  1. Picnic basket
  2. A bigger cheeseboard
  3. Cooler bag

If you love picnicking and want to find out what accessories are out there, check out for a full range of picnic baskets and accessories.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Thank you Love Picnics for sponsoring this post.

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Summer Picnic

Summer time in the PNW is absolutely beautiful. Our goal for this summer is to do at least one outdoor activity every weekend. Jayce loves the outdoors so no matter how tired or busy we are, we make every effort to get out of the house every weekend.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a family picnic at a nearby park a few weeks ago. We packed up our favorite snacks and drinks, and spent the evening sitting on the picnic blanket, eating our snacks and watching the sunset. Jayce loved watching the birds and rolling on the picnic blanket (we had another big blanket).

Fizzy drinks and fruits are my favorite things to drink and eat during summer. I’m addicted to LaCroix sparkling water. Berry is my all time favorite. They’re 100% natural, zero calorie, zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners. I live on berries and cherries in the summer because they’re delicious and refreshing. I have hard time eating heavy food during summer because of the heat. With that being said, you’re probably wondering about that big bowl of fried chicken among the healthy light snacks. I love love fried chicken and that’s the one food I can never say no to. On our way to the park, we passed by our favorite chicken place and I just couldn’t resist.

Picnicking is my favorite thing to do during summer. This was our first family picnic and I have a feeling there’ll be more picnics this summer. What’s your favorite summer activity?


Dress: Maison Jules

Hat: H&M (similar here)

Blanket: Target (similar here)