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Welcome Home my Sweet Baby!







Hello loves! It’s been a little over a month since my last post. I was 39 weeks pregnant when I last updated this blog. I needed a little break to prepare for the arrival of our baby and recover.  

Jimmy and I are now proud new parents to our precious baby Jayce Connor Im. Jayce was borned in early August, weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 19.8 inches long. We are both madly in love with this little guy. People warned me sleep is going to be a thing in the past once the baby arrives. Oh boy, were they right! I was only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep during the first 3 weeks. I felt like a zombie but all the cuddles made it so worth it.

This little guy was so comfortable inside my belly and he didn’t want to come out. He was 6 days overdue. I gave birth to Jayce after 26 hours of painful labor. I had my heart set on having a natural birth but I finally gave in and asked for epidural after 12 hours of intense contractions with little progress. My body was exhausted from having little sleep the night before due to painful contractions. I’ve never been in so much pain. I had so much pressure on my pelvic floor which made the contractions even worse. I forgot all the breathing exercises I practiced weeks before. Jimmy was there with me the entire time supporting and encouraging me. Every Time my contractions came, he would held my hand or rubbed my back to let me know I wasn’t doing this alone. I could not have done it without him. I also had a kickass team of midwives and nurses supporting me.

Giving birth was the most painful thing and yet the most incredible experience ever because at the end of it I got to finally meet my sweet baby. I’ll never forget the moment when I held him in my arms and saw his sweet face for the first time. I couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. He was so tiny and beautiful. I have never felt so much love and joy.  Jimmy and I just stared at him sleep in awe the entire time. We both absolutely love being parents to this sweet little guy. Welcome home my sweet baby!!!

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Maternity Photoshoot in Vintage Romantic Lace Dress

Expecting mom and dad leaning against split rail fence in the woods. Haze light effect applied to image.

Expecting mom and dad holding each other while enjoying a nice day outside. Haze light effect applied to image.

maternity photo-1

maternity photo-14

maternity photo-8

maternity photo-6

maternity photo-9

maternity photo-12

I’m so excited to share our maternity photos. They were captured by our good friend and talented photographer Tom Baker of Tigerpix LLC. Tom took our engagement photos almost 2 years ago and this photoshoot brought back those memories. I’m so happy with how these photos turned out and how dreamy they look.

This ethereal vintage romantic lace dress is exactly what I envisioned wearing for this photoshoot. The raw edge fringe on the lace and sheer long sleeves bring romantic charm to this beautiful dress. I also love the sweeping floor length of this dress. Surprisingly, this is not a maternity dress. I sized up to medium to fit my baby bump.

I can’t believe how blessed we are to meet our first child in a few more months. I’m in 3rd trimester of my pregnancy now. I’m trying to enjoy every second of this pregnancy. I must admit it’s getting harder on my body as my belly continues to grow. This pregnancy makes me love and appreciate my mom even more for the unconditional love she has for my sister and I and all the sacrifices she has made for us.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Photographer: Tigerpix LLC

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A New Blessing



A Blessing-3

Hi loves, I’ve some exciting news to share with you. Jimmy and I are expecting our first child. We feel so blessed, excited and nervous at the same time. The experience has been amazing so far. I’ll never forget the first ultrasound, first heartbeats and first kicks! We can't wait to meet our little bundle of joy in August.

I’m halfway through my pregnancy. My clothes are getting tighter and tighter so I have a good excuse to go shopping. It’s going to be so much fun dressing the baby bump. I can’t wait to share my maternity style with you.

Thank you so much for your continued support and for stopping by!  


Dress: Forever21 

Necklace: old (similar here)

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2015 Recap

Launched Doreen's Style Diary in the spring.

Balayage Ombre-2

Got my first sun kissed balayage.

VegasOur first trip together to Vegas.


Hawaii II-6

Hawaii I-4

Celebrated our one year anniversary in Hawaii.


Visited Vancouver, Canada with our best friends. We think alike and even pose alike. lol....short hair

First time having my hair this short since middle school.


A weekend getaway to Portland.


Our first time at the Nutcracker Show by the Pacific Northwest Ballet. It was quiet a show.


Our second Christmas together as a married couple.

Can you believe 2016 is just a few hours away? Looking back 2015 was full of excitement and fun. I started this blog in the spring to share my love and passion for fashion, food and traveling.  Your comments, likes, and views inspired me to keep this blog going. I truly appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me! Wishing you a safe and blissful new year!

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New Look, New Hair + CaseApp Custom Phonecase Giveaway






I finally made the bold decision to cut 10 inches off my hair. I haven’t had my hair this short since I was in middle school. I contemplated for about a year but always chicken out. I couldn’t be happier with my new hair. My stylist Tia from Canvas Studio did an amazing job. My hair feels healthier and fuller. It’s also easier to maintain and style. It shorten my morning routine by about 10 minutes which means I get to sleep in longer. I would have done it sooner if I knew that.

I’m so excited to share these custom designed iPhone and iPad cases from CaseApp. Aren’t they the cutest? CaseApp allows you to either design your own case or choose from one of their predesigned cases. If you choose to design your own case, it’s as simple as uploading an image(s) to their unique designing tool to create your own custom designed case.

I designed my custom iPhone case using my blog logo and photos from my blogging journey.  I’ve been wanting to create something cute with our engagement photos and I thought a custom iPad case is just what I needed. I’m so impressed with the quality of the material, color, and customer service.   

I’m excited to give one lucky winner a chance to design their own custom iPhone case or iPad skin. Check out my Instagram (@Doreensstylediary) for a chance to win your choice from CaseApp. If you don’t win, here’s 20% off for you: DOREEN20 (valid until December 7).