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Comforts™ Diapers

I’m excited to introduce Comforts™ Diapers from Kroger family stores. As first time parents, we went through a lot of different diapers before figuring out what works best for Jayce. It was a trial and error process since there’re so many diapers out there. I’m here to share what features we look for in diapers and why we love Comforts™ Diapers in our household.

Comfort: Since Jayce lives in diaper 24/7 so we wanted to make sure it’s soft and comfortable. Because baby skin is extra sensitive, diaper can cause allergic reactions and diaper rash which are painful for both babies and parents. Comforts™ Diapers have really soft outer cover and feel. They stretch around the waist band which is great because his waist won’t be restricted after feeding. They also stretch around leg cuffs and tabs for better fit.

Leakage protection: You have no idea how many clothes and sheets we had to change out because of a leaky diaper. Having to do that in the middle of the night is no fun. These diapers have day and night leakage protection.

Wetness indicator: Some diapers do not come with wetness indicator on all sizes which is crazy because I have hard time telling if his diaper is wet just by touching it. Unless it’s full, sometimes it’s difficult to know. Diapers aren’t cheap so you want to get the most out of it. Comfort Diapers come with wetness indicator on all sizes.

Comforts™ Diapers are also affordable. You can buy them at your local Kroger family stores. Click here to find the latest coupons for additional savings. Thank you so much for Kroger company for sponsoring this post!

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